Direct Response Media (DRM)


Door to Door Distribution: Direct Response Media distributes pamphlets, leaflets, magazines, catalogues and newspapers directly to the homes of South Africans Nationwide, on a Weekly basis in Urban and Rural areas.

Brand Activation: Direct Response Media assists Target Audiences in making Informed decisions through the hassle free Activation of Brands in and around Consumer Spaces.

BEE Status: Direct Response Media is an Equal opportunity Employer and is Proud to reflect a Level 2 BBBEE status.

Transport Hub Distribution: Direct Response Media distributes marketing material, samples or freebies at Transport Hubs nationwide including: Bus Stations, Train Stations & Taxi Ranks. Reaching commuters who are economically active.

Market Research: Direct Response Media facilitates Mass and Niche Market segmented sampling opportunities, allowing Brands to get their Products into the hands of consumers.

Rush Hour Distribution: Direct Response Media executes leaflet distribution to motorists at High Frequency intersections Nationwide.